Friday, October 3, 2014

Announcing HubrisWeen 2014!

Starting on Monday, October 6th I will be participating in a form of insanity known as Hubrisween.

What is this HubrisWeen?

Last year, Checkpoint Telstar created HubrisWeen, as a means of reviewing one horror movie a day in October for every letter of the alphabet. That's 26 movies, culminating in Z on Halloween. I, being the equivalent of a brash young upstart, decided that this year I would follow suit. And I am not alone.

This year Checkpoint Telstar, Dr. FreeX, and myself shall tackle HubrisWeen together. If you click the banner above, it will take you to a central hub for all our reviews.

What movies will you maniacs be doing?

Now, now, that'd be giving away the game. However, I can give you a small preview of what you can expect to see on Monday:

Stay tuned for HubrisWeen!

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